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Blockchain and cryptocurrency are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create a better, more efficient and truly global economy. Are you ready to change the world?

Together, we are building a global community-driven way to pay and get paid.

$ZYPTO Token contract address (Ethereum blockchain)


What is Zypto Network?

Zypto Network aims to revolutionise the way individuals and businesses transact with each other globally by creating a truly practical blockchain payments infrastructure.

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$ZYPTO Token

The $ZYPTO Token holding community and Zypto the company work together towards our common goal of taking crypto payments into the mainstream. Click here for more information about our relationship.

What is $ZYPTO Token?
$ZYPTO Token holders enjoy exclusive benefits and rewards from Zypto App and Zypto Pay.

By joining the community of $ZYPTO Token holders, you will be an important part of the movement to take crypto payments to the mainstream.


$ZYPTO Token holders can claim rewards generated from the Zypto Network.

Claim your ZYPs (Zypto Points) in the Rewards Hub of Zypto App.

You can swap your ZYPs for crypto, prepaid card balance, gift cards, air miles and more!*

*Available rewards may vary depending on region.


As a $ZYPTO Token holder, you don’t just get rewards, you also get exclusive perks.

Visit the Zypto App Rewards Hub to find out about the preferential offers, cashback and offers.

The best offers will always be for $ZYPTO Token holders.


Buying or selling $ZYPTO Token on a decentralised exchange incurs tokenomics taxes as follows –

  • 3% Buy Tax
  • 4% Sales Tax

These are distributed equally between the Liquidity Pool and the Token Fund as follows –

For Buys –

  • 2% to Token Fund
  • 1% to Liquidity Pool

For Sells –

  • 2% to Token Fund
  • 2% to Liquidity Pool

The LP tax makes the token price more stable over time.

The Token Fund is used for token-specific marketing and other activities such as listings on centralised exchanges.

Please read the Zypto White Paper in full before acquiring $ZYPTO Token.

Cryptocurrencies are a volatile asset class. Please do your own research and never invest more than you could afford to lose in any investment.


Details of the 2024 roadmap are included in the White Paper

Zypto White Paper

Below you will find the most recent version of our white paper which details the full Zypto road map for 2024 and beyond.

To really gain a full overview of the project and vision, we encourage you to take a read over it, and to join the Zypto community and conversations on Telegram

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