Declaration Regarding Zypto Token 

Here you will find the declaration regarding the relationship between Zypto the company, Zypto Token and the Community; general declarations for holders and about our desire to work towards sensible regulatory frameworks that nurture innovation, while genuinely protecting investors and users of cryptocurrency.

  • What is Zypto Token?
  • What are the utilities of Zypto Token?
  • Who is responsible for Zypto Token?
  • Who can buy Zypto Token?
  • Who should not buy $Zypto Token?
  • General declarations

What is Zypto Token?

Zypto Token ($Zypto) is a decentralised utility token on the Ethereum blockchain. As such, it belongs to its holders and nobody else.

Zypto Token exists to facilitate the creation of the world’s largest blockchain payments network by combining the community-focused aspect of cryptocurrency with the business and technical knowhow of the Zypto company.

Zypto the company and the Zypto Token Community are two entities that have chosen to work together to create a brand that makes paying with crypto a normal activity in people’s day to day lives.

What are the utilities of Zypto Token?

The principal utilities of the token are:

  • Placeholder for the future Zypto Network blockchain’s native token

It is now a well established process to create a placeholder token on the Ethereum blockchain that will be exchangeable for the network token of a newly created blockchain at a later date. This has been the case with multiple well-established blockchains and a similar model will be followed by Zypto.

  • Marketing and community building

While we can, of course, promote crypto payment adoption through our systems by means of purely traditional marketing efforts, it is simply not possible to engage with the crypto community without the cooperation of a dedicated community. In the crypto space, the long-established way to do this is with a token as the focus. 

  • Reduced fees and other benefits on Zypto products and services

Holders of Zypto tokens are reasonably expected to participate in word of mouth and social media marketing activities. In order to encourage this, Zypto offers a series of discounts, offers, bonuses and access to exclusive activities and content to holders of Zypto Token.

Who is responsible for Zypto Token?

Zypto Token is a decentralised token and, as such, all trading is carried out on open markets (decentralised and centralised exchanges) over which no individual entity or person has control. It was deployed by members of the Zypto Token holders’ community from undisclosed locations. Zypto company representatives have volunteered to serve as spokespeople for now while the proper legal framework is formalised to ensure the long-term success of the collaboration and the continued safety of the Zypto Token holders community. Details of this arrangement will be added here in the near future.

Zypto acquired technology called FCF Pay in 2023 and there was a pre-existing agreement in place with holders of $FCF Token. In order to ensure holders of $FCF would not suffer economic losses, Zypto will honour the pre-existing agreement regarding the continued issuance of benefits to the Zypto Token community in exchange for continued collaboration so long as the deployers deliver an equivalent value of Zypto tokens – or more accurately, an equivalent % of the total supply of tokens – to $FCF holders when Zypto Token was launched.

There are currently tens of thousands of decentralised tokens with anonymous founders being traded around the globe. Many thousands of people lose funds every day due to anonymous bad actors. However, there are also honest people that are simply trying to innovate for the creation of fair decentralised and collaborative business models . Zypto wishes to cooperate with both the crypto community and authorities to mitigate the clear and apparent risks that hurt normal people every day, but without limiting individual freedoms, innovation or opportunities that can be beneficial to local and international economies.

While Zypto cannot exert control over local authorities nor can it control the organic movements that take place in the market, Zypto solemnly pledges to act honourably at all times as we navigate this complex transitional phase as the decentralised economy merges with the traditional system.

There has been no allocation of tokens to team members or for the company and wallets that collect tokenomics are clearly labelled on the blockchain. All expenses paid from them, for example, will be purely for actions directly related to Zypto Token and records will be kept by the community members that manage them.

Who can buy Zypto Tokens?

As a decentralised token, Zypto Token can be acquired from the decentralised exchange that it is listed on. In this case, Uniswap. This is out of anyone’s control.

However, the question of who can LEGALLY buy Zypto Tokens is substantially more complex. If Zypto Token is legal to acquire in your region and for someone with your profile, then it is safe to say you may do so. You should enquire with your local authorities if you have any doubt.

Benefits to holders will be duly delivered by Zypto as outlined in the white paper to the best of our ability and always with the utmost respect for local regulations. This may require bilateral cooperation in order to ensure holders are not adversely affected.

Who should not buy Zypto Tokens? 

You should not buy Zypto Token if you are a minor (under 18 in most regions).

You should not buy Zypto Tokens if the local authority of where you reside may consider Zypto Token a controlled “security” or otherwise restricted in any way. Please contact your local authority for further information and guidance.

You should not buy Zypto Token if you reside in an OFAC sanctioned country or if you have any connections with the financing of terrorism, child pornography, human trafficking or other immoral acts.

General declarations

Zypto Token is a decentralised utility token, traded on decentralised and centralised exchanges. Zypto the company cannot accept responsibility for any economic loss that may come about due to market volatility. Anyone acquiring the token does so at their own risk and under their own responsibility. Cryptocurrencies are prone to very large swings in their fiat value. This can go down as well as up. As always, ensure that you never invest more than you can afford to lose in any asset, do your own research and make your decisions based on your own reasoning, never because of what others tell you.

Zypto will act in good faith to ensure – whenever possible and to the best of our abilities – that holders of Zypto Token are not adversely affected by company decisions. However, Zypto cannot be held responsible for outside forces such as market conditions, the actions of local authorities or regulators, bad actors or any other kind of force majeure.

Zypto the company is independently financed, does not take any economic benefit from Zypto Token and holders of the token are not purchasing shares or any other kind of participation in the company.

While all efforts will be made to do so as pledged on this website and elsewhere, Zypto does not guarantee any Zypto Token holder will be able to claim rewards or bonuses of any kind if local authorities do not allow this to happen. Similarly, Zypto may under some circumstances be required to collect KYC documentation from Zypto Token holders before rewards and bonuses can be delivered or redeemed.

Due to the innovative nature of Zypto and Zypto Token, it may on occasions be necessary for Zypto to work with local regulators in order to establish rules that protect investors and help to strengthen local and international economies.

Space on this website has been conceded to the $Zypto Token holder community as part of our ongoing agreement. Once again, more information will be published in the near future to further clarify this agreement.

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