Use your money your way

Zypto App makes both local money and crypto easy and intuitive.

Want to accept crypto payments? Find out about Zypto Pay.

Put simply,

your money your way


With Zypto App, the new global economy is a few clicks away.

Send money to anyone, anywhere. Do your shopping with crypto currency. Swap to local currency any time.

The only app you need for you to bring your digital assets to life.

Pay and get paid,

hassle free


Zypto App links blockchains, banks, cards and people in just a few taps.

The more you Zypto,

the more you earn


Be part of the Zypto Community and share with friends for exclusive rewards. Earn cashback and exclusive offers by using your crypto, cards and other services.

Zypto features

Zypto App offers an extensive suite of solutions, all in one easy-to-use app. Built from the ground up to simplify the ever-expanding digital economy, Zypto App makes it simple to manage and use all your digital assets.

Zypto Wallet


The easiest, most convenient way to transact with cryptocurrencies. Send, receive, pay and get paid with zero previous knowledge required. It’s as easy as using your banking app, or even easier!

  • Instant transactions
  • No blockchain fees
  • Choose from many currencies and networks
  • Send crypto by email, SMS or social media

Bill Payments System


With our bill payments system, you can now pay your bills directly with crypto.

  • Nearly 21 thousand companies currently supported
  • Available in the USA. More countries soon!
  • Pay with Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT and many more

Crypto to Local Currency


Move your money from the local system to the blockchain and back again in just a few clicks.

  • Add crypto balance with cards or bank account
  • Convert crypto to local currency in moments
  • Hold and use your assets your way

$ZYPTO Token


The native token of our ecosystem is the focal point of the ever-expanding Zyptonian community. The  Zypto experience is even better for $ZYPTO Token holders.

  • ZYP rewards for $Zypto Token holders
  • Exclusive discounts on Zypto products and services
  • Community giveaways and activities
  • Growing community

DeFi Wallets


Create, import or monitor any DeFi wallets in Zypto to enjoy a new level of convenience. Use your DeFi assets in your everyday life like never before.

  • The most user-friendly experience
  • Full integration with all Zypto services
  • Easy access to your favourite dApps

Prepaid Cards


Physical and virtual prepaid cards that can be funded with your favourite cryptocurrencies to spend anywhere.

  • USD, EUR, CAD, GBP and more on the way
  • The only global physical cards with high limits
  • Instantly fund your cards anytime

Gift Card Store


Send a gift to friends and family around the world or use them for your own shopping, you choose!

  • Thousands of options
  • Top intenational brands such as Amazon, Adidas, Xbox…
  • Purchase with local currency or crypto

Loyalty Program


Rewards, cashback and discounts like you’ve never seen before. We are proud to announce the world’s most exciting way to earn and save while you enjoy our amazing range of products and services. There’s a way for anyone to earn our in-app points called ZYPs:

  • Invite your friends to earn rewards
  • Complete quests by holding partners’ tokens or NFTs
  • Earn ZYPs with card refills, gift card purchases and more
  • Sign- in and social media engagement bonuses

Moreover, the more ZYPs you earn, the better the perks will be. Want even more rewards, join the community of $ZYPTO Token holders!


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    $ZYPTO Token

    Holder Rewards

    $ZYPTO Token holders get exclusive benefits with the Zypto ecosystem

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