Putting “currency” back into cryptocurrency

Blockchain-based digital money – AKA cryptocurrency – was originally intended as an alternative to the incumbent fiat-based economic system. However, crypto is all too often treated merely as a speculative asset class.

Here at Zypto, we work tirelessly to build the tools that are needed to make a more decentralised and borderless economy a reality for anyone, anywhere.

Zypto’s main entity is a licensed Virtual Asset Service Provider in the EU. We also have multiple strategic partnerships with local license operators around the globe to ensure our technology and vision can reach as many people as possible.

Ready to spend your crypto?

Zypto is on a mission to get companies around the world to accept direct crypto payments, although this may take some time. Meanwhile, we are proud to offer an extensive range of products that make it simple to spend your crypto wherever you want to buy

Virtual Crypto Cards

Get your virtual card in minutes

The quickest crypto cards

Simply pick which card type you want, pay with crypto through Zypto Pay and receive your card by email in minutes. Add them to Google/Apple Pay or pay online.

Bill Payments

Over 20k US Payees

Utilities, credit cards, mortages, car loans...

Zypto Pay's bill payments service allows you to pay almost any bill in the US with crypto.

Physical Crypto Cards

The most versatile option

High limit global cards

With balance and transaction limits of up to $150k and availability in many countries, our physical cards are the ideal way to spend your crypto.

Buy Gift Cards

Over 8500 options for all your needs

The cheapest option

Looking for the perfect gift or you know exactly what you want to buy? There are over 8500 gift cards available to buy through Zypto Pay.

Are you a Zyptonian?

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