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Zypto makes using both crypto and local currencies simple and intuitive

Welcome to Zyptopia

We are proud to present our cutting-edge ecosystem

Zypto App


The killer crypto app. As easy to use as your favourite banking app, but with all the power of blockchain under the hood.

  • Simple DeFi and Cefi wallets
  • Choose from many crypto and local currencies
  • Buy, sell, send and swap crypto
  • Spend your crypto with cards, bill payments and more
  • Send crypto by email, SMS or social media
  • ZYP rewards system

Crypto wallet app to buy, spend, send and use all kind of cryptocurrencies.
Zypto Pay allows you companies of all types and sizes to accept cryptocurrency as payment more easily than ever.

Crypto payment gateway


Zypto Pay makes it easier than ever to accept crypto payments.

  • Integrate with online and POS checkouts with ease
  • Convert crypto to local currency in moments
  • Accept a wide range of cryptocurrencies

Crypto Cards - Both Physical and Virtual - are a great way to spend your crypto earnings.

Virtual crypto cards


Virtual prepaid cards that can be funded with your favourite cryptocurrencies to spend online and at physical POS.

  • USD, EUR and more on the way
  • Add to mobile wallets such as Google Pay and Apple Pay
  • Immediate purchase with many stablecoins and cryptocurrencies

$ZYPTO Token


The native token of our ecosystem is the focal point of our ever-expanding community. The  Zypto experience is even better for $ZYPTO Token holders.

  • ZYP rewards for $Zypto Token holders
  • Exclusive discounts on Zypto products and services
  • Community giveaways and activities
  • Growing community

DeFi Wallets


Create, import or monitor any DeFi wallets in Zypto. Use your DeFi assets in your everyday life like never before.

  • The most user-friendly experience
  • Full integration with all Zypto services
  • Easy access to your favourite dApps

Physical cards


Physical prepaid crypto cards that can be funded with your favourite cryptocurrencies to spend anywhere.

  • Available in around 180 countries
  • The only global physical cards with high limits
  • Instantly fund your cards anytime

Gift Card Store


Send a gift to friends and family around the world or use them for your own shopping, you choose!

  • Thousands of options
  • Top brands such as Amazon, Adidas, Xbox…
  • Purchase with local currency or crypto

Services for businesses


Zypto proudly supports businesses of all types and sizes to be part of the blockchain economy. 

  • Crypto payment gateway
  • White label solutions
  • Wallet infrastructure and custody 
  • Crypto cards
  • Custom development

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